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Gabion Mesh

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Advantages of using Gabions :
* Simple to install – Using unskilled labour.
* Environmentally acceptable – The use of local rock and soils for backfill is encouraged, with the subsequent growth of vegetative cover made easy.
* Flexible Nature – Able to move and settle without failure, even on unstable soils.
* Economical – Suitable stone can be normally found on site or from a nearby commercial rock supply.
* The gabion basket has a high compressive resistance (rock) and tensile (mesh) strength capacity.
* Baskets allow free drainage of water through the structure, weep holes are unnecessary (porosity – 35%).
* Vegetation can be incorporated within or over the structures to blend in with the local environment.
* The local ecosystem within a riverine environment is unaffected using gabions, as they allow the free flow of water and growth of plants through their structures, even the breeding of fish in the open pore spaces.
* With time the strength of a gabion protection is enhanced with the growth of plants, their root systems penetrating the porous gabion structure and hiding the construction scar of a gabion intervention.

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